Dishtv universal remote have 5 basic functions which your new Dishtv remote needs to learn about your TV
1. TV Power code
2. TV Mute code
3. AV sorce code
4. TV Volume + code
5. TV volume – code


For Samsung TV

    • By default DishTv Universal remote is compatible with All Samsung TV.

For Other Brands :

STEP1:  Press OK and 0 keys together on DishTv universal remote till the TV mode LED Red, this shows remote is

ready to learn

STEP2:    Place your DishTv learning remote on a flat surface. Take your TV remote and place it in front of the learning remote such that their LED lights face each other exactly. The distance between the remotes should be 5cm.

STEP3:  In order to configure the Power key, press the power key on the learning remote then the red LED of TV mode will blink once.

STEP3:   Press the power key on the TV set then the red LED of TV mode on the new STB remote will blink twice.

STEP4:   You can follow the same process for VOL UP/DOWN. MUTE, SOURCE & Navigation(UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/OK)

STEP5: Press the TV power key to save the learning codes finally then the red LED of 

STEP6: TV mode will blink thrice

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